USPS Tracking 2018 – International & Domestic Package- Guide to Track the Packages

USPS tracking is on the unique facility provided by the United States Postal service. You must have surely heard about USPS tracking used for tracking the real-time location of your package. You might have even tried or wonder how to track the package using USPS priority tracking, USPS international shipping tracking or how USPS tracking number generator and many other queries and confusion related to USPS media mail tracking or normal mail tracking.

All your worries and question end here. We have compiled an ultimate guide for you to learn about everything that is there to know about USPS tracking.

The United States Postal tracking service is most sought after service which is reliable and trustworthy. This useful service helps the customer to keep the track of the shipment till the time it has not reached the designated location.

Millions of USPS customers use this service on the daily basis to see the exact location of their mail item. This is an error-free system which never fails to show the exact location of your package.

USPS Tracking 2018 – Guide to Track the Packages

Tracking feature provides complete satisfaction to the customer. USPS parcel select ground tracking to send notifications and updates to the customer about their package location. In today’s it is important for the client to know the location of the package, the customer uses this feature to build the trust and reliability in the service company.

Minute to minute detail and tracking of the package keep the customer clams and satisfied. USPS delivery confirmation on international and domestic mails is an important factor to build a loyal customer base. Different service of USPS have the tracking feature, there is no service which you can’t track.

We have made this guide for the customers of USPS to know everything about the different type of tracking options, Instructions on How to track and likewise. End-to-end process of USPS tracking is explained well in the below post.

It is important to the tracking information. As a customer, you should know how and by when your package will be delivered to the desired location and if you can keep the track of it then nothing better.

We have discussed a number of ways to look for the package at the current location.

We will discuss:

  • All the important related to international and domestic delivery.
  • Important contact number and emails and web addresses.
  • What is USPS package tracking all about and why it is important?
  • What are ways to track the mail item?
  • How to track the mail item using a different approach
  • Methods like tracking on USPS mobile app, USPS text tracking, tracking over the phone, tracking on the official website. Tracking info by RSS, tracking using file transmission.
  • Requesting the on-time
  • How to use the official website for tracking purpose.

This detailed guide will answer all the frequently asked questions related to First class mail tracking, USPS media mail tracking number, priority mail tracking, USPS certified mail tracking, USPS international shipping tracking and much more so without any further ado let’s dig in to learn more.

USPS Tracking – How Does it work

The USPS service provides its customer with a reliable tracking the package feature. Now let see what exactly does this service caters to. It is easy to understand that the tracking means knowing the location of your package. Tracking allows you to see how the real time location and when does your package arrives to the designated location.

There are no extra charges to use this services all you need is the tracking number to avail this service. To most the services USPS adds the tracking feature automatically.

For domestic mails, this service is free of cost. For commercial Standard mail parcel, the facility of mail tacking is not added in the service provided. The commercial Standard mail parcel is different from domestic mails service.

However, the customer can avail the tracking feature in commercial Standard mail parcel service by paying extra charges to the company.

These extra charges paid will enable the customer to use the service with the ease. With commercial Standard mail parcel service, tracking comes as an add-on after paying extra charges.

This facility does not commit to the delivery. Only if the customer adds added facility with the International mail items, in that case only the customer will receive the validation in the form of signed receipt with the signature of the recipient.

This signed receipt validates the customers to use the special tracking service. Using this special delivery tracking service the customer can track the delivery location of the international package. USPS international shipping tracking service enables the customer to track in the real-time.

How does United State Postal Service Tracking Tool Work?

So how exactly does USPS tracking tools works? Let find out. USPS had authorized the tracking of packages by sender and receiver or anybody with the tracking number. Any post office employee or post office under the authority of USPS cannot deny this facility from any customer.

The USPS designate a unique tracking number to each mail item. This number thus makes it possible for the customer to track their packages.

Every mail item goes through scanning multiple times starting from receiving it from customer to the time it is not delivered to the desired location.

The whole process of finalizing the package to be shipped of and the to be delivered at the receivers door steps involve time to time scanning to make sure there is no problem with it.

USPS has upgraded its tracking system, this change makes the tracking more reliable and convenient. The accuracy of the package has increased with the upgraded mechanism of the tracking system.

Do you know that USPS Scan and examine each mail item more than 12 times, during the mail item is in the transit? Doing so mean you can depend on the service completely. You can use door-to-door tracking feature.

Now let see, what are the methods through which you can track your packages? As mentioned above there are more than a way to track the location of your package. We have listed below different methods you can use to track the package in the real-time location.

Go through all the options and use the best and simple one.

How to Track USPS Package or Mail?

There is a number of methods used for tracking the USPS package or mail. All of the below methods are latest and works perfectly. All of these needs one thing to work USPS tracking number.

In case you have misplaced or lost USPS tracking number click here


Now let’s talk about each method in detail

Method 1. Official Website of USPS

USPS website is the only authentic place which will give you the right result of every search made. You can track your package by using the online service available on the USPS official website. USPS staff frequently updates its official website hence the information over there is right and believable.

The user can get all the information info about the package on the USPS website itself. USPS tracking does not come as a free service with every delivery service. Media mail service and Domestic first-class mail service and do not come with the USPS tracking feature. Therefore, customers can track their USPS first class packages.

But there is no need to worry you can always use the service by paying the extra fees for the package tracking service. USPS give different priority to its different shipments. All the service comes with different charges and different features.  But all of them are given a unique tracking number.

You can details of different service from the official website. Now let see how you can actually track the package online using the website of USPS.

Most importantly keep the tracking number handy. The tracking number will be provided whenever you book the service and avail the tracking service. You get the tracking number either as a hard copy in a form of a receipt or in your mail or online in your USPS account.

  Steps to Track Mail Item Or Package Using The Online Method

  1. Click here to visit the official website –
  2. Make sure you have been redirected on the official page of USPS to track shipment.
  3. Log-in to your registered account, select the option of United State Postal Service
  4. Once inside this option you will see 3 available options you can use to track the mail.
  5. The first option- enter the given USPS tracking number in the box. It is given on main homepage.
  6. The second option- look for quick option and click on “track a package
  7. The Third option- look for the option of the ‘track and manage’.
  8. You can select any options depending on what you find easy.
  9. Now whatever option you select one thing is common in all of them that is the tracking number.
  10. USPS facilitates their customer to enter multiple tracking numbers at the same time.
  11. You will always get the tracking number whenever you will book as service and when finally it will be taken away for shipment.
  12. Customer can enter minimum 35 tracking number of different shipment at the same time.
  13. Make sure you have entered the correct tracking number in the blank field.
  14. After typing the tracking numbers press ‘the track button’.
  15. You can now see the page which will show you all the information related to your package.
  16. You can view this information on PC, phone, laptop or any other electronic device with Internet connection.

The information displayed includes the below information reading your package,

  • The status of your mail item.
  • Real-time delivery date of your mail item.
  • Date and time information.
  • Features of your package
  • Real-time location of your item.
  • Products features and postal product of your mail item

All this information tells you the exact location and all other relevant information regarding your mail package.

Method 2. Track through RSS

USPS first class mail customers and USPS media mail customers can also check their certified mail tracking through RSS reader. RSS reader is used by USPS customers to track the package easily. RSS tracks the mail item delivery of USPS, UPS, United parcel service and FedEx. For tracking the mail item through RSS reader, the user need to make a new unique RSS id,

Steps to track the mail item through RSS

  1. Get you USPS tracking number and keep it handy. You can get the authentic number of your mail item either from the official website or office of USPS.
  2. The tracking number is given to the customer once the package is finalized for delivery.
  3. Now, open RSS reader. Go to your homepage, look for RSS reader and subscribe to it. Once subscribed you will see it on your homepage.
  4. Click on it and then you are required to generate the tracking URL.
  5. Now to generate tracking URL you need to add your tracking id to the below given Doing so will enable USPS parcel ground tracking.
  6. We have provided tracking URL of FedEx and other major tracking services also.
  7. UPS (United Parcel Service)- type=ups&tracking_number=
  8. United States Postal Service- type=usps&tracking_number=
  9. FedEx Ground
  10. FedEx Air-
  11. Now after adding the tracking number to the desired URL subscribe to RSS reader.
  12. Copy the whole URL along with the tracking number and paste it as is in the given RSS reader.
  13. Now you will have all the information regarding your USPS tracking info.
  14. Date, time, location, features, product details everything is shown in the real-time to you.

The information reflects everything that you need to know about the mail item.

Method 3. Track Your Shipment through Phone

You can also track the shipment through your phone. USPS Tracking mail item through the phone is also very convenient and easy. Many USPS customers track their shipment through their smartphone. You need to dial the desk number to get the details.

Customer who wants to track their package using the phone is required to dial 1800 222 1811 to reach the customer care executive who can tell you your mail item’s location.

See the below working hours so that you can call easily.

  • Timings from Monday – Friday are 8:00 AM to 8:30 PM
  • Timings on Saturday are 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM
  • Sundays and other public holidays: office remains Closed

Steps to use Phone help for USPS tracking

  1. Plan your calls accordingly now that you know the work timings.
  2. The customer care number of USPS- 1800 222 1811 redirects you to the customer care help.
  3. An Executive helps you put with tracking of your USPS package.
  4. You will be asked for the tracking number of your shipment.
  5. After getting the tracking number from you, the executive can help you with the latest information about your package.
  6. You can use phone process in case you don’t have Internet connectivity.
  7. Or do not understand other methods.
  8. On the phone, you will be provided with every detail clearly and in case of any confusion, you can ask for more help.
  9. It is not a time taking the process and does not need any more details except USPS tracking number.

Method 4. Through File Transmission

It is one of the most authentic and an easy way to track the mail. This file is directly sent from the USPS office which makes it a true and reliable source to track the package.

Steps to use File Transmission for USPS tracking

  1. File transmission method for tracking the USPS package works for the certified
  2. Certified shipper is the person who avails certified mail class as an add-on When they place the order of shipment to USPS.
  3. When selected this method you become a certified shipper.
  4. USPS will send you the data file on your electronics means.
  5. Using this electronic file you can easily track all the information about your shipment in real time

Method 5. Track through E-Mails

Tracking USPS package through emails ways is also an easy and quick option. Costumer will direct updates and notification about their mails packages in the emails itself.

If you use this method then you will get three type of information that we have listed below.

  • You will get all the data available at that moment when you have made the request.
  • You will get update and notifications at every point which includes updates in future also.
  • As your package crosses mail stream you will get the notification and the info about it.

As a customer of USPS, you can make a request for any type of the information listed above.  You must keep your tracking number handy and make sure that it is listed on main website of the USPS.

How to use E-Mail option for USPS tracking

  1. Open the official website of USPS and go into the option of tracking packages.
  2. Now look for a blank box and enter your tracking details.
  3. As soon as you enter the number you will see the option ‘Get Email Updates’
  4. Click on this option and you will be able to set up the notification option in your email.
  5. Follow the instruction given to set the prompts and you will get frequent notifications.
  6. Following the above steps will complete your process to get the notifications in the inbox

USPS package tracking system will send all the updates directly into your inbox and will keep updating you till the time your location reaches the desired destination.

While using the Email option form track customers often stop receiving mails after 2-3 notification and they end up asking that why does USPS stop sending mails. We have tackled this question in the below section. So keep reading to find out the answer.

 When will USPS Stop Sending Me E-Mails?

USPS will stop sending you emails as soon as the package has reached its desired location. As your package has arrived the address given for the shipment. The USPS tracking gets completed, thus the office will stop sending you any further emails regarding your mail item tracking.

In another case customer sometimes does not want to get any further notification ad request for them to stop. Requesting for a dismissing the service will take about 2 weeks to stop. After 2 weeks you will not get any notifications regarding your shipment in transit.

If you have not requested for the notification to stop or if your item has not yet reached the destination. Then there might be another reason for the mails to stop.

You might receive USPS tracking mails in the junk folder. You need to change your filter settings to get the USPS tracking mail in the main folder. Check your junk folder and filter setting as it might be one of the reason for mail to stop.

There might be chances of error form your side. The email address provided might be wrong and thus you might not be receiving tracking mails. For rectifying the email id you can either visit the nearest office or you might simply call the customer care executive for help.

You even your official website of USPS to submit the request of Email change or getting the USPS package tracking information.

Last reason for not receiving the tracking information emails could be, that there is no new update on your mail item and thus the office has no new updates to send.

Even if you are not satisfied with the above-listed reason call customer acre for help or visit the nearest USPS center to get the problem resolved by the authorized person.

Method 6. Tracking packages using Mobile App

The smartphone generation finds this option really easy. You can use USPS text tracking through its mobile application. The USPS mobile application is available on Android and iOS. This app helps customers to track the shipment through the app.

This app also apps to get the other relevant information regarding USPS tracking and services.

You can edit and change your shipping address, you can shop online from the app, compute postage, buy stamps online and book a pickup, hold mails, find nearest locations and likewise.

USPS is available on both app store for I phone and Google Play store for Android OS. It world with any of these operating systems.

Method 7. Use Text Tracking

USPS text tracking is another easy way of tracking the shipment status. It helps you to get the latest update on your mail item. In text tracking, USPS will notify you through the text. Make sure your registered number is correct and you will be notified on it. Current status of your parcel and other updates will be sent through the text message.

There are 2 ways of using USPS text track so let’s see them in details and you can choose the suitable one.

  1. Through USPS Main site:

USPS Online way of tracking is the option to choose the text tracking number. If you want to text about the shipment you can use this method. To turn on this option you need the tracking number. All the updates that you get online you will get the same update on your registered phone number. In case you want to avail of the option on the official website and select one of the below options.

  • Update or the notification of delivery or attempted delivery of the package.
  • All the activities of past and future.
  • All the activities of past
  • All the activities of future.

Selection any of the above options will enable the authority to send you the precise information.

  1. Using Phone

You can also use your phone’s SMS service to get the text about the shipment tracking status. You can follow any of the below options to send the text and you will be replied with the relevant information from USPS.

  • Send a text message from your registered mobile number. Type in your tracking number and send it to 28777 (2USPS).
  • You will be notified with the latest update about your package sent by the authority.
  • Or send text from your registered mobile number. Type in the relevant keywords that you want to know and type in the tracking number after that send the text to 28777 (2USPS).
  • You will get the notification regarding the latest update of your mail item status in the real time.

We will talk about the different keywords used below in the same post so keep reading. Above 2 ways of USPS text tracking, both of these ways to check the tracking status of USPS mail item will return the authentic and reliable.

What is the difference between multiple ways of text tracking?

  • If you text the information from your mobile phone to 28777, you will get the info about the latest notification. All the information that you receive on phone then it will be only the latest only.
  • If you send a different text with keywords to get the required information. You will get the detailed information about the thing that you have asked. This info is also received from 28777.
  • If you opt for the online then you have various options to choose from. You can choose from past activities, future activities, past and future activities on different activities like mail notification, delivery notification, attempt delivery, in transit and likewise.

You have read above about using a keyword to get more relevant so now let see how you can use them to get much clear information from USPS.

How can I Use the Keywords for USPS Text Tracking?

We have mentioned above that sending keywords on the designated number of USPS will return you with the more relevant result of the information required.

This exclusive facility provided by USPS enable it, customer, to get the detail information on the phone itself. USPS customers can use keywords along with the tracking number to get what they are looking for.

You can write your keywords in many ways that you want, they are not case sensitive. Make sure you write full keyword and don’t shorten it.

Type- <keyword tracking number>

These keywords will keep changing as per your requirement.

Sent the text to 28777 and you get the reply of the information that you are looking for.

In case you are not sure about what kind of keywords you should use we have provided you with the list of every relevant keyword used in USPS tracking system. All these keywords will help you find what you are looking for.

USPS Keywords list with the definition

  • AA: Every past and future activities on the mail item
  • Date: The latest date of delivery or date of delivery expected or guaranteed.
  • DND: The latest notice of each delivery attempt or final delivery made.
  • Delivery: The latest date of delivery or date of delivery expected or guaranteed.
  • Stop: used when you are not interested in getting any more text it ceases all Text Tracking messages
  • Update: The latest date of delivery or date of delivery expected or guaranteed.
  • AF: you will get all the future notification on the mail item
  • When: The latest date of delivery or date of delivery expected or guaranteed.
  • AP: you will be notified with all previous activity on the USPS mail item.

How can I Request Quite Time?

Sometimes you have the preference of receiving the text tracking messages. If you are not interested in receiving any text form USPS in off hours that are between 11 p.m to 7 a.m. (CST) hours then you can always request for quiet time.

All you need to do is to send the text message to 28777 (2USPS).

  • Type Quite and send the message to 28777 (2USPS)
  • You will stop getting the text between the non-working hours of USPS
  • You will get the reply of above text with USPS Text Tracking, Quiet Time Enabled.
  • After this text received you will have your quite time between 11 p.m to 7 a.m.
  • The last update will be before 11 p.m. and the next update will be after 7 a.m.

In case you want to again start the service again

  • You can easily remove time by sending one more text to 28777
  • Type Awake and send the message to 28777
  • And you will start getting updates
  • You will get the reply of above text with USPS Text Tracking, Quiet Time Disabled.
  • After this text received you will start getting notification between 11 p.m to 7 a.m.

Using above methods you can easily enable and disable the option of quiet and awake time

More Keywords Usage – How to Use Different Keywords

We have listed below more that you can use to enable and disable different services of USPS tracking packages.

If you want to stop the notification on your phone type in any of the below keywords

  • Unsubscribe
  • Quit
  • Arret
  • Stop
  • And send the text to 28777 (2USPS)
  • You will receive a message stating that the service of notification has been stopped.
  • It will not be enabled again till the time you reverse the message and ask for notifications from USPS
  • For stopping the service on any specific tracking number type in- tracking number – Stop and send the text to 28777 (2USPS)
  • This will only stop the notifications for the particular tracking number.

The USPS text tracking notification service was earlier available for the US-based customers with the registered mobile number.

  • From 2015 onwards this service is made available to Canada based customers as well.
  • Customers in Canada can use the USPS tracking service from their registered Canadian mobile number.
  • As a customer of USPS, you are not required to register your number with USPS.
  • USPS will automatically ask you to register the number when you use the USPS tracking service for first-time form the United States or Canada.
  • You can thus track your package from any phone and any number.
  • You can always call customer support for more information.

Even for asking support you can send the keywords to the 28777 and the customer care will either reply you or will help you out on the text.

  • Type in keywords- Aide, Info and help on 28777 or 1 800 222 1811 and you will be guided through

Any of the above-described ways or methods will help you track your USPS shipment easily. You can select any method that you find easy and simple to understand. All these methods are easy to understand and simple to use. You just need to subscribe to any of the one methods and you are good to go.

Although all methods return you the authentic result tracking method is the most usual. It is used most by the customers of USPS.

For all other queries, you have customer care helpline- 1 800 222 1811 call and resolve your issue.

Add Confirmation and Advanced Tracking

Adding confirmation and advance tracking make it easy to get the notification of your packages. Adding this option will make the package more safe and secure to be tracked. Below are the points that you can avail after adding confirmation and advanced tracks.

  • Confirmation on delivery – you will the confirmation notice of delivery and it will send to you via mail or mobile phone.
  • Return receipt– you can request a return receipt, as a sender you will surely be notified about confirmation through email or post. This confirmation will cost, USPS charges $2.70 and if you are expecting the confirmation on email or by post you will be charged $1.35. Paying USPS for this service guarantees the name and the pickup
  • Confirmation on Signature- This feature will allow you to request USPS for the signature confirmation. This also makes sure that the person for whom you have to send the package will only receive it.  In case the designated person is not found or is unavailable at the moment, then the package will be taken back to the nearest center. The receiver will have to show their ID proof to the delivery guy and will have to sign a receiving. They even have to $ 3 for receiving the package.
  • Hold on to receipt– Receipt has your package tracking number which you require to track the package. But if you avail the confirmation service you don’t need to worry about the receipt, you will be notified directly from the USPS office.
  • USPS Official Website- Visit the official website and enter your tracking number and you will get all the desired information on your package.

How much do I have to pay for USPS tracking service?

This is the most common question asked by every USPS customers. How much does USPS tracking costs? So basically in the case of international delivery and some other priority mail you simply do not have to pay any cost to avail the tracking service of the USPS.

All of the listed methods are free of cost you can track your packages in real-time without paying anything. And wherever you will be charged we have mentioned that as well.

So, in short, there are no extra charges for tracking the shipment that you have to send or is expecting to receive.

Frequently Asked Question

Can I track the first-class mail?

First-class is non-track able. Above stated add confirmation service, signature confirmation, and likewise are not available with first-class mail service. If the receiver does not receive their first class mail in 5 business days then they are required call USPS customer service care center.

Call on 1 800 275 8777 or send ASK USPS 1 800 and inquire about receiving the package in the given time.

Can I track the mail item from the foreign countries?

You cannot track the packages and mail item of international location. These can only be tracked by the person who has to send it from the international location only.  Priority Mail Express International (PMEI) and Global Express Guaranteed (GXG) can be tracked from within the United States as well as globally.


We have provided the detailed guide about the USPS tracking defining all different methods that can be used to track different type of mail packages.  You track priority mail, express mail, certified mail and other mails of priority tracking.

Use the best method above and let us know your feedback on the same.  You can leave your comments below and ask for more queries.


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