USPS Holidays 2018: Working hour and Holiday Schedule

Knowing USPS holiday 2018 working hours and schedule will it make it easy for people to plan their activities related to the United States Postal Service.  In the below post we will talk about each and every designated holiday on which USPS Holidays 2018 will remain closed or would have different working hours.

We will also answer all the frequently asked question about post office work timing and holiday’s schedule. We will inform you about all the changes in the schedule for the year 2018. Knowing about holidays in advance makes it easy to plan mails and postcards accordingly.

USPS – Postal Service

USPS is one the largest postal services. It is an independent agency which is explicitly authorized by the United States Constitution.

USPS provides dependable and convenient mail service to its clients all over the United States. Millions of Americans find United States parcel service reliable. The company has 32000 retail locations across the state.  The annual revenue of USPS is around $66 billion and caters to 40 percent of the mail across the globe.

USPS operates 24*7 and 365 days a year it charges the standard prices from its customers. Both domestic and international package service works around the year.

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However, working hour and type of service varies on the bases of the location and holiday schedule. USPS works hard to gain customer satisfaction. Unlike many other delivery services the company delivers on Sunday as well. It offers limited on Sunday, but it delivers in some selected area.

Let us read below to find out what is the work timing and work schedule of USPS on various holiday round the year.  There are some public and national holidays when the service does not deliver.

USPS Holiday 2018

Every American knows that there are some public holidays when most of the services and offices do not work and caters to the public. USPS being no exception also gives few days off to its staff. On such days the company does not delivery and mail item. But this excludes ‘Priority Mail Express’ and also in the case of extreme emergency USPS will always help you out.

So as a regular customer of USPS knows about all the holidays, work timing, closings and opening time of the post office.  Your questions like will post office open tomorrow, or on occasion Labour Day, Christmas, Memorial Day and Veterans day and likewise will be answered in the below post.

As an individual or an owner of any business which runs on package deliveries, it is important to know the yearly calendar for USPS holidays 2018.

Below is the list of dates on which all USPS post office, non-essential government, stores, and centers will remain closed.

Federal holidays 2018 – Listed Below

  1. January 1, Monday, New Year’s Day
  2. January 15, Monday, Martin Luther King Jr. birthday
  3. February 19, Monday, Washington’s Birthday
  4. May 28, Monday, Memorial Day
  5. July 4, Wednesday, Independence Day
  6. September 3, Monday, Labor Day
  7. October 8, Monday, Columbus Day
  8. November 12, Monday, Veterans Day (observed)
  9. November 22, Thursday, Thanksgiving Day
  10. December 25, Tuesday, Christmas Day

 On the above listed federal holidays, USPS will not deliver any mail item. Keep these above holidays in mind and plan your couriers and mail accordingly.

2018 USPS Holidays Postal

Holidays with *sign indicates that the service can mail your letter and mails on these days.

Above table indicated the 10 holidays in total. On these days staff of USPS does not accept any mail item except Letter Stream. Number of these holidays come under the Uniform Monday Holiday Act. This act moved holidays from a fixed date to elected Monday for the national staffs across the state.

It was done in the order to increase the weekends for official staff. Veterans Day marked by # indicates that on 12 November is designated holiday but the Veterans days is actually observed on November 11, that is Sunday. Thus providing official with an extended weekend.

The pattern has been set in the way so that any federal holiday if fell on a weekend that it is observed on the previous or next weekday. For example, if the holiday is observed on Sunday, then the coming Monday will be an official off and if the Holiday is observed on Saturday then the previous Friday will be seen as the official off for all the government personnel.

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Postal Holidays 2018

Above section has mentioned in detail about all the holidays on which USPS remain closes or just accept limited service. Seeing the above table you can now plan your mail delivery well in advance. Now we will talk about why people observe the given days as a federal holiday.

Let see the history and reason behind each holiday observed.

  1. New Year’s Day- January 1, Monday
  • It is the first day of the year as per the Gregorian calendar and Julian calendar. Thus this day is a holiday not only in the United States but across the globe.
  • People celebrate January 1 as a joyful day, welcoming the New Year with happiness and enjoyment. The Idea is to make the day fun-filled so that the rest of the year brings prosperity and success.
  • USPS does not work on this day. The staff does not deliver any mail or package on the given day. In case you want to send your best and wishes to anyone plan it well in advance.
  • If not that early service, you can opt for Priority Mail Express service which you can avail 365 days of a year.
  1. Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday- January 15, Monday
  • January 15 is seen as a Martin Luther King Jr, Birthday. The day is also called as MLK day, Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. A day or King Day or.
  • Martin Luther King was an American Baptist and an activist. This day is celebrated across the United States.
  • USPS does not work on January 15 so you should not expect any delivery on the same day until and unless it is Priority Mail Express service.
  1. Washington’s Birthday -February 19, Monday
  • The third day Monday of February is celebrated as Washington’s Birthday. The day is observed as a federal holiday in the memory of the first U.S president, George Washington.
  • Washington was born on February 22, 1732. Washington’s Birthday is also known as the president’s day also.
  • Along with honoring the first president this day also honors’ all the president who has served the states.
  • USPS does not deliver any package on this day Priority Mail Express service. Send your packages before this date.
  1. Memorial Day- May 28, Monday
  • Last Monday of May is seen as the Memorial Day. This day is celebrated to remember those people who have died during fighting for the country in armed forces.
  • Last year it was celebrated on May 29, 2017. This year the third Monday is falling on May 28.
  • On the Memorial, Day Americans pay a visit to cemeteries and memorials to show homage to people who have died serving the country.
  • USPS does not work on this day, no mail at all is delivered across the States.
  1. Independence Day – July 4, Wednesday
  • On July 4, 1776, Continental Congress Signed the Declaration of Independence and on this day the US become free form the reign of British Empire.
  • July 4 is seen an Independence Day all over the nation. Americans celebrate this day with colorful fairs, baseball games, parades, ceremonies, concerts, speeches, barbecues and other eventful celebrations.
  • USPS remains shut on Independence Day and does not deliver any kind of mail item.
  1. Labor Day- September 3, Monday
  • First Monday of every September is celebrated ad a Labour day to pay tribute to the workers across the nation. These workers have contributed to the development of the nation.
  • They have worked in making the United States as a nation with strong laws, affluence and American labor movement.
  • USPS refrain to deliver any shipment on the Labor Day to honor
  1. Columbus Day – October 8, Monday
  • 12 October 1492 was the day when Columbus stepped on the soil of the United States.
  • Every second Monday of October is observed as Columbus Day every year.
  • USPS does not work on this day. Send your mail before the second Monday of October in case it is important.
  1. Veterans Day# (observed)- November 12, Monday
  • Veterans Day falls on Sunday that is why it is observed on the coming Monday. Monday after the Veteran Day is a holiday for Government workers.
  • The day is celebrated to honor the all those who have worked in the US armed forces.
  • USPS does not ship and mail item on this day.
  1. Thanksgiving Day – November 22, Thursday
  • November 22, Thanksgiving is a public holiday in the United States. Fourth Thursday of November is celebrated as a Thanksgiving day.
  • Most of the Americans celebrated this day with their family over a nice feast.
  • This day is celebrated to be thankful for all the good things that happened in the year gone by.
  • USPS does not deliver on Thanksgiving, send your wishes in advance to avoid last minute rush.
  1. Christmas Day- December 25, Tuesday
  • Most beautiful time of the year, Christmas is one the major festival celebrated across the United States as well as around the world.
  • People celebrate this to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.
  • Christmas Spirit keeps going on for a week till New Year and most of the people prefer this time to take a long holiday from work.
  • USPS does not operate on December 25. But 2 previous Sundays before 25 December is working Sunday for the staff. This is due to the heavy demand.
  • Almost everybody is sending gifts and cards to their loved one. This the busiest time for USPS as well.
  • Contact the local branch to know the work timing and on which Sundays they are open before Christmas.
  • Send your mails well in advance to avoid the minute rush.

Final verdict

We have answered all the USPS Holidays in 2018. We have also provided an interesting peak in the history of all Federal holidays. So now plan your mails accordingly and keep up the festive spirit.

Federal holiday are the time to relax and spend time with family. USPS also gives off to its staff to enjoy the day. You advance planning will help the staff to synchronise their work and to deliver you package as committed.

If you have any more questions related USPS Holidays 2018 or if you have question like is today a postal holiday? Then leave the question in the comment section below and we get you the right answer.

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