USPS Customer Service Complaints: Detailed guide

USPS customer service complaints – The customer base of USPS is huge. The service works round the clock. It obvious that different customer has different requirement and queries.

If you have also faced some problem or other from the USPS service and want to file the complaint then you are the right place. We have complied with everything that you need to know about USPS customer service complaints.

The history USPS dates back to 1775 and since then it has gained immense popularity and reliability among its customer base.

Working towards the customer satisfaction it provides you many options to raise the problem faced.  This guide will help you to relate to USPS business service network which can help you click and ship refund. Talk to customer care USPS avail customers’ service chat, USPS domestic claims, USPS search the request made and much more. So sit back, read through and solve any issue that you’re facing with USPS service.

USPS Business Services or USPS Business Service Network

Before talking about solving the complaint raised let us look at some popular business service provided by USPS to its customer in the United States. All of these services are widely used by a number of customers on daily basis.

  1. Stamps Now

Stamp now is the program provided by the USPS free of cost. Through this program, the business customer of USPS can order stamps and other mailing facilities at a different location easily.

This programme makes it easy for the business customer to get stamps and other delivery without much hassle. Although USPS charges the handling fee that is $1.24 this handling fees id applicable to all orders made under $ 50. for the orders above $ 50, handling fees charged comes up to $ 1.75.

On the express mail service, premium charges are applicable.

  1. Postal one service

Postal one is the exclusive service made for business mailers. Postal one is the online system used for multiple purposes by both USPs office and its customers. It is the bridge between mailing info for customers and the acceptance of the mail.

It also caters to the induction procedure of the USPS postal service network. Mail entry, tracking of the mail item, reporting of the lost item, raising the complaint and likewise can be done through this online based system.

  1. FAST -Facilities Access and Shipment Tracking

Facilities Access and Shipment Tracking is the niche creation for USPS business network. It caters to end-to-end visibility and tracking of the mail item starting from the first point to the last point. It gives access to customers to locate their packages in the real time.

  1. CAPS – Account Processing System centralized

Account Processing System centralized has developed a resolution for advertising industry to pay for Merchandise Return Facility, alteration direction division, automatically for lawful Funding way of Business Response Mail, has inadequate postage, and the United States Postal Services Business Account.

  1.  Business e-Services Network Service:

Business e-Services Network Service looks after this state-of-the-art mail delivery organization, a business network of USPS can screen any acquired services at any time from anywhere.

How can I Resolve USPS Related Grievances

Sustaining such a huge postal delivery network is task full of challenges. It takes lots of alertness and best of best model to make the reliable delivery across the state.

It is not necessary that every day and at every given hour the function remains error free. It is not possible to satisfy every customer. But it is always possible to make sure that the customer gets his or her problem solved within the given period of time.

And for doing do USPS has various ways using which a customer can file the complaint. Or can simply call customer care helpline for further assistance.

Basic Information

Accessing any basic information regarding USPS service is not that hard everything is given online if not that you can always call the USPS helpline number. Let’s look at some ways from where customer can get to know all the basic info about the USPS service.

  1. Read FAQs- Frequently Asked Question

Since the service have a huge customer base, that the nature of the complaint and the problem are mostly same for a number of customers. Keeping that in mind USPS have dedicated a page on their official website to all the question asked frequently by it customer.

It might be possible that the problem that you are facing is already answered in the FAQs section. So reads through and search for your problem. It will save time and will provide you with the exact method of resolving the issue.

The most common FAQs are:

  • How do I talk to someone at USPS?
  • What should I do to change the address?
  • How can I pay for PO Box?
  • How much does first-class mail cost?
  • how do I talk to a real person at USPS
  • When will be the next holiday?
  • how do I call USPS customer service representative
  • How do informed delivery will work?
  • USPS contact live person
  • Use Customer Contact Voice Support
  • How can I request redelivery
  • Is USPS open on Sunday
  • What is the working hours of USPS
  • How can I locate the nearest post office

You can contact the customer care executive on the below numbers-

  • USPS Tech-support number- 1-800-344 -7779
  • USPS Customer Care Number- 1-800-275-8777

In case you are not able to reach through any customer care executive, you can always write them a mail describing the issue you are facing

Mail ID-

Also, know the most basic thing that is the timing of the USPS office

See the below working hours so that you can plan your visit or any other activity accordingly.

  • Timings from Monday – Friday are 8:00 AM to 8:30 PM
  • Timings on Saturday are 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM
  • Sundays and other public holidays: office remains Closed

You always cross-check the information at the official website and see the latest update or changes if any.

  1. Online Feedback Option

The feedback form is the most essential part in improving the process for customer satisfaction. Your rating and feedback for any service used by you are considered important for the organization.

USPS also follows the same principle. Visiting the official website you will see the feedback form. You can give your ratings, talk about the experience and can make a suggestion. Doing so will improve the service for next time.

Make sure you leave the information like name, correct phone number along with working email id on the form clearly so that the concerned person can contact you to resolve the problem.

  1. Write emails or post mails

Writing emails can actually get the help in no time. If your issue is not that urgent but you don’t want that problem to repeat again write an email on or post a letter describing your problem. You can post the letter in the following letter to solve the problem faced-

United States Postal Service/ Office of the Consumer Advocate/

475 L’Enfant Plaza SW,

RM, 4541/ Washington, DC 20260-2200.

Address your letter properly and make sure to leave your contact details on it.

Claiming Refunds

Claiming your refunds can become a time taking process at times. We have listed the ways using which you can easily get your money back in no time.

1.     Priority Mail Service Refunds

USPS offers a full refund on the priority mail service in case something goes wrong.  In case you are not happy with the service provided you can initiate the process of refund within the 30 days from the date of initial booking.

In case of a domestic resident, you are required to visit the nearest post office to initiate the refund process on your priority mail service. You can’t make refund request call on the call. But if there is not nearest center then the executive will help you out.

If the priority mail service is international the customer would need to call the facility to talk about the problem faced and why they need a refund. Toll- Free number is available online on the website or you can call on the below number from any location the world to get the refund.

For More details on Priority Mail Service click the below link


USPS Tracking Customer Care Toll-Free- 1-800-222-1811

  1. Shipping Label Refunds

In the case of not receiving proper shipping labels, a customer will get the full refund from USPS. The full refund should be received within the 30 days from the date of not getting the shipping label.

You can initiate the full refund through your click and ship portal. Click into it and cancel the order. You will get a full refund within the time period of 30 days

Another case in this can be of getting the shipping level with the wrong date which is the date printed exceeds the 30 days’ time period and is short of 60 days. In such case, you will have to call the customer care helpline to cancel the order.

Before making the call keep the below things ready to give the correct information to the concerned person-

  • Account username
  • Label number received
  • Account number
  • Transaction number
  • The date is given on the received label

The number on which need to make the call is –

USPS Tech-support on website-  1-(800)-344-7779

Tech-support email-

2. PO Box Return

The concept of getting mails and another delivery item in a PO Box is the old tradition. But even in that, you can be unhappy with the service. Customer can get the refund quickly if you know the Keys through the USPS customer account. In case you are not aware of the PO Box keys you will have to make a call on the customer care service number.

Call on – USPS Tech-support on the website- 1-(800)-344-7779 to talk about the problem with PO box Returns

  1. In-store Refunds

Beside mail delivery service USPS also have the stores from where customers buy lots of relevant stuff. If you have also done in-store shopping and is not satisfied, you cannot get the refund the on the call.

You will have to visit the store to get the refund. Go through the exchange and return policy of USPS. Also, carry the purchase receipt as the proof of the buying that item.

Try and get the refund as soon as possible. Most of the in-house store do not entertain your request after 15-30 days from the original date.

Resolving Issues with Filing Claims Process

There is some issue which needs little more effort to get the right solution. For such issues, you need to file the complaint and keep the follow up on it.

  1. Regarding Missing Mails/Packages

Missing or lost package is one issue which needs immediate attention of the concerned authority. In the cases where you have not received your mail item within the designated time period and it is already above the 7 days from the original date. File the complaint without any delay.

Call the customer care executive to get full assistance. For priority mail, you can fill the form that will help you locate your mail. For or other mail call the helpline and tell them the correct info about-

  • Tracking number/ID
  • Type of shipment or mail item, and complete details of the package contents.
  • Sender’s address
  • Receiver’s Address

All of the above information, if provided correctly will surely be helpful in locating the missing package.

  1. Domestic claim request

In comparison to international claim, the domestic claim is easier. It is very easy to file the claim for domestic mail item. USPS domestic claims can be easily made from the account of the user. All the customer needs is the below details which are required to be filled correctly in the given form.

  • tracking number of Shipment,
  • Shipment Date
  • Reason for filing a domestic claim.
  • Valid proof of the value of the mail item to get the full amount equal to the amount of your shipment item.
  • The proof can be a purchase receipt etc.
  1. International Claim Request

The international claim is a bit harder than the domestic claim, here you need to make little more effort. Please note that only a sender within the US can make the request.  The form filling request is just like the domestic claim.  It takes little more time than the domestic claim.

The United States Postal Services Customer service complaints Contact List

Customer Care Number 1 800 275 8777
Tech-support on website 1 800 344 7779
Facilities Access and Shipment Tracking (FAST) 877 569 6614
United States Postal Services Facilities Access and Shipment Tracking (FAST) email
Electronic Mail Tracking & Reporting 800 238 3150
United States Postal Services Confirm email
Entry Information email
Parcel Select Ground Performance 877 264 9693
Postal One Customer Care Number  800  522 9085
United States Postal Services Postal One Care Email
The United States Postal Services Stamp Now (For Large Businesses) 1 800 782 6724
United States Postal Services Stamp Now Email

More Details:

Final verdict

We have all the things and problem-related to the customer service complaints. We hope you make the most use of it by using customer service complaints service or through email complaints or via live chat.

Let us know if you want us to any more topic in it

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