Does USPS Deliver on Sundays & Saturday?- 2018

Does USPS Deliver on Sundays & Saturday, What time does USPS deliver on Sundays, and more question regarding the delivery service on weekend is the common question asked by people of Texas, Florida and people all over the states. If you are also looking for these answers then you are right place read below to know more.

We are going to answer all of these questions today in the post below. You will get all the answers which will clear you confusion regarding USPS, United States Parcel Service Saturday & Sundays delivery hours.

How late does USPS deliver on weekdays? or What are the delivery hours/timings for Sundays?

USPS is the postal service agency, it caters to the across the United States. It is an independent agency which is explicitly by the United States Constitution.

USPS is committed to providing reliable and convenient service to its clients all over the country. People find United States parcel service dependable among the different choice available today to deliver packages from one place to another. USPS is one of the primary options considered by everyone.

USPS provides different service and delivery options 365 days a year and round the clock. But the timings and the days of delivery vary on the location and service that the users select.

The question still arises if the postal service delivers mail on Saturday and Sundays, although it works 24*7 but what about the delivery service. Lest find out in the below section.

Does USPS Deliver Mail on Saturday?- 2018

Most of the working class asks this question Does us Postal service deliver on Saturday . As a working person, you mostly get time on weekends only to finish your personal errands.

So can you send your package on Saturday using USPS delivery service? Actually, you can answer your question big YES. Yes, USPS Deliver on Saturday, you have to send you mail item in a Mail Express and Priority Mail delivery service.

USPS Saturday Delivery Options

These two delivery options will deliver your package across the state. Primarily mail express and priority mail delivery facility is made to be availed on Saturday as well. These services deliver mail item in short duration and affordable price on Saturday.

Mail express

  • Mail express delivers packages overnight
  • Charges more than priority mail service.
  • Mail express guarantees the delivery on time.
  • This service is mostly availed in urgency cases.

Priority Mail Service

  • Priority Mail Service guarantees domestic delivery in 1 to 3 business day
  • Overseas delivery in 6 to 10 business days. It cost less than mail express service.

How Late Does USPS Deliver Packages On Saturdays?

Now that you know that the USPS delivers on Saturday, another question arises is till what time and in what hours it does delivers in your area.

  • Mostly delivery hours and timing of Saturday delivery service depends on your location, a number of the item to be delivered and its weight.
  • It also depends on where the package will be collected it that center is open or not.
  • There is no specific time for all these it just depends on the service staff and of course on the type of delivery you have selected.
  • Mostly timings and delivery are same as all weekdays. It follows same timeline and holiday policy as of weekdays.

To conclude- USPS timing on Saturday is no different from all other days

Does USPS Deliver on Sundays?

If for some reason you are not able to avail the mail service on Sundays, then Sundays are the only day to send the mail out. But the again question here is When Does USPS Deliver on Sundays?

The answer to your much-asked question is a big YES. Yes, USPS does deliver on Sunday also. However, USPS delivers less Amazon packages on Sundays. Most of the mail item delivered on Sundays are initiated under priority mail express.

USPS will now be expanding this service with catering through all kind of delivery options. This move will be made to fulfill the growing volume of packages to be delivered.

USPS Sundays Delivery options

USPS caters through two type of service on Sunday priority mail express and Amazon packages across the state.

Priority Mail Express Service

  • Priority mail it the quicker way of delivering packages from one place to another.
  • It also delivers you mail item overnight.
  • This service is not very expensive
  • If USPS is not able to deliver your package on time then it returns your money without any deduction.
  • Priority mail express service starts with $23.75 for both online and offline, post office locations.
  • Express service delivers covering almost all the addresses and PO Boxes in the country.
  • This service costs same on Sundays as well along with all other benefits like on time and overnight delivery.

Amazon Package Service

  • USPS started Amazon package service in 2013.
  • Earlier the service was only available in city areas like LA and New York.
  • Now with the increasing demand and growth of the company, Amazon packages cater to more than 15 cities across the country.
  • Amazon services rely on USPS for it a delivery
  • It is one of the primary service used by the company.
  • As for Sundays, this option is available for both and prime and non-prime member of Amazon.
  • Both prime and non- prime get the same benefit of the service bit difference in cost at times.
  • The delivery charges are absolutely free for Amazon Prime members and for non-prime users it is chargeable.
  • Non-prime members pay minimal or standard delivery rates.
  • If a non-prime customer wants the quicker delivery the end up paying more than the standard shipping charges.

eBay- eBay does not use USPS on such big level like Amazon, so people who want to know that does USPS deliver on Sundays for eBay? The answer is no it does not.

 USPS Sundays Delivery Hours

After the affirmative answer of does USPS deliver on Sunday, it is obvious to ask that what time does USPS deliver on Sundays or how late does USPS deliver on Sundays?

  • There are no specific timings or fixed hours in which does usps deliver on sundays.
  • All the timing depends on the location, volume, and destination and on the location from where your package needs to be picked up.

Below is the list of delivery timings depending on different service by United States Parcel Service. Go through it to get the better idea of the delivery timing on Sundays.

Delivery Timings based on the Service Provided by USPS

Common FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) about Saturday & Sundays Delivery

As you have read above Saturday delivery of USPS it is almost like any other day of the week, with the help of mail express and priority mail service you can get your mail delivered on Saturday. Timings depend on your location and center timings.

Most of the common queries are especially about Sundays. Sundays are considered as a universal holiday and USPS delivering on this day raises so many questions.

In the below section we have answered all the frequently asked question by USPS customers. You will get answers to all your question regarding sunday deliveries usps.

  1. Why does USPS deliver mail on Sunday?

USPS has started delivering mail item on Sundays due to the increase in demand. This demand tends to increase in the holiday season.

The service will be delivered to major cities and location with high demand. Doing so keep their network moving and clear.

  1. USPS earlier use to Deliver on Sundays, what’s new?

Yes, USPS use to deliver on Sundays but now they have initiated new delivery service. The postal services at present deliver mail item under priority mail express and Amazon package service.

Increasing demand on Sundays and in holiday season have made company introduce these new delivery options.

  1. Weren’t the new delivery option available before?

They were available, yes but only in some metropolitan cities. Now the postal service is reviving these service in other location with high demand as well. USPS wants to keep their service moving on Sundays for customer satisfaction.

All the major location and suburbs with heavy volume will have access to new service options.

  1. How much volume increases on Sundays and in the holiday season?

Sundays and especially holiday season is the time when customers make use of the postal; service most. USPS being the reliable service stays one of the most useful services in the holiday season.

The company is expecting a growth of demand in double-digits this season.

  1. What kind of mail item is delivered on Sundays?

The type package depends on it volume level. Mostly priority mail is delivered to residential customers. Sunday delivery can also consist of first-class packages.

The locations and where Amazon delivers on Sundays can also expect all kind of deliveries.

  1. How should I find out, if Sundays delivery works in my area?

You will have to visit USPS official website to find out if your locations come under Sunday delivery. Look for the local number of the USPS center in your office and call them to clear your query.

The service delivers in almost all cities it is more likely that you can avail this service on Sundays and in the holiday season

  1. If I send out the package on Friday, can I expect it to be delivered by Sundays?

Delivery of package in short duration depends on the location you are sending it form and the address it is to be delivered at. Priority mail service delivers the mail item in 1-3 days.

It the service fails to do deliver the package it returns your money without any deduction.

  1. Does delivery on Sundays costs extra?

Charges of Sunday’s delivery service is same as all other days. But if customers chose to expedite service for a quick delivery then they will have to pay the extra cost for on-time delivery on Sundays.

  1. What about the Staff on Sundays?

Yes, the company understand your concern, but for USPS Sunday is the working day as usual. In the holiday season also it is sufficiently staffed. Most of the delivery on Sundays and in the holiday season is done by CCAs.

Staff insufficiency will never be the reason for failing the on-time delivery on Sunday.

  1. Will Sunday deliver remain same even after Holiday Season?

It is obvious that volume during the holiday is high then normal days. After the holiday season, the decisions of continuing or frequency will be based on the demand for mail item.  Mostly this is decided on the local level by different centers.

We hope that we have answered all your question, in case you have more question regarding USPS delivery on Saturdays and Sunday kindly write in the comment section below.


This was all about Does USPS Deliver on Sundays & Saturday.  All the queries and question related to the timing, working hours, delivery options, Shipment charges and likewise have been answered clearly.

If you have any more questions or suggestion kindly share with us in the comment section below.

Thank You for reading we hope you make the best use of this information and share it with others.

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